People’s Budget Assembly ২০১৬



National Context:

  • 2016-2017 National Budget is challenging in various reason. Already we have entered in to the first step of seventh five year plan and SDG. Accelerating the economic growth is very challenging as a middle income country. However, this is more challenging to a set strategy to gain total growth and investing appropriate measure to reduce the growing disparity.
  • Demand more budgets in socioeconomic development, employment opportunity, health, education and in other public services is a popular agenda. It should be mentioned that every year the size of budget is increased proportionately. In 2016-2017, primarily the size of budget is 3,40,000 BDT. But, the quality of expenditure and lack of ability to appropriate usage of budget is still a big problem.
  • Budget shortages due to implementation of new pay scale, implementation of currency policy to protect possible inflation are the important concerns around budget 2016-2017 discussions.
  • It should be an important discussion issue that whether the budget of education, health and agricultural services for the poor and marginalized will be squeezed due to implementation of big projects, or new allocation will be implemented made.
  • The poor are hugely affected due to the widened VAT by the Government. It should be mentioned here that still revenue shortages are a big challenge for the government. Beside, taking internal loan tendency by government is the reason of falling in a problem of the private entrepreneur.
  • Despite the success for reducing the poverty, government still struggling on unemployment issue thus poor people is increasingly going for risky migration and risky occupation
  • UP election 2016 certainly formal steps towards the way of strengthen democratic process. But, it is also important to strengthen district council beside UP for real decentralization and to take initiative for sooner district council election.
  • Based on the above context it should be come as elaborately in the budget discussion that health, education, labor and employment, women, adivasi and marginalized peoples’ development, direct participation at national level planning of the previously mentioned group, budget decentralization and role of parliamentarian in this regard. Considering the above mentioned objective, DBM, National level planning & budget related caucus, DU Budget and policy is going to organize a budget assembly on 7th May 2016 at DU and other divisional districts.
  • As in representative democratic system there is no scope for mass people to give opinion, therefore through the alternative like peoples budget assembly , peoples planning and budget related opinion would be uphold to the national parliament. It will be regularly organize across the country to sustain the initiative.

Objective of people’s assembly

  1. To discuss the issue of health, education, labor and employment, women, adivasi and marginalized peoples’ development, direct participation at national level planning of the stakeholders, budget decentralization and role of parliamentarian in broader audience and mobilize the policy maker
  2. To uphold the peoples demand and discussion at budget session and influencing the government

Expected result

By the Dhaka declaration 2016, the peoples planning and budge related proposals would be given to the MPs. These demands would be place to the budget session of 2016-17.  Member of caucus will play vital role in this regard.

Number of participants and criteria:

Around 1000 people will join in the conference from Dhaka and adjacent districts (from Dhaka 700 and 300 from adjacent districts). General professional, students, youth , women, physically challenged people , researcher, elected peoples representative, political leader, representative from trade union will participate and contribute in this conference.

Format and possible outline of the conference

Inauguration, closing and other session will be organized by different interactive parallel session

  • Inauguration and closing:

Plenary 1: Investing in 7th five year plan and SDG to eradication of discrimination

Plenary 1: Budget accountability and participation: UP budget and District budget

  • Sector -wise budget parliament/parallel session
  • Peoples assembly on Dalit people’s budget
  • Peoples assembly on person with disability’s budget
  • Peoples assembly on Adivasi’s budget
  • Peoples assembly on women budget
  • Youth ministerial on youth budget
  • Agri budget session
  • Labor, migration and employment related budget union


  • Preparation of Dhaka declaration and approval


  • Venue: University of Dhaka
  • Senate hall, Nawab Ali Chowdhury, Senate building
  • Conference room, Nawab Ali Chowdhury, Senate building
  • Sirajul Islam lecture hall, Lecture theater building
  • R C Majumder hall, Lecture theater building
  • Social science faculty



  • National planning and budget related parliamentary Caucus
  • Democratic Budget Movement (DBM)
  • Center on Budget and Policy, Dept. of Development Studies, University of Dhaka

Co- Organizer

  • Like minded national level organizations from Adivasi, Dalit, Person with Disability, Women rights along with different professional group, research organization.

Associate and sponsor:

  • Like minded national and international organization and network